About Us

From Nature

Who We Are

Flychem is a conscientious company committed to delivering the most unique,efficacious, and high quality ingredients while protecting the sustainability of its products, people and planet. Every day Flychem get a little bit better. We continue to be the most reliable producer and supplier of good quality natural plant extract Fruit powders and plant oils to our Customers.

Our Mission & Focus

To be a positive comapny impact on health & nutrition
Deliver total customer satisfaction
Provide great value to the customer at a reasonable cost
Deliver dependable supply and product quality
Provide creative solutions to problems and product creation

Our Advantages

* Competitive price, stable and reliable sources
* Strict quality control of products
* Excellent customer services from responsible sales
* More than 12 years experience in Flavor and Fragrance
* familiar with the plant map in china
* R&D team with professional support
* More flexible regarding payment termsight quality, in the right
quantity, at the right place and time.

Environment Protection

Flychem specialized in natural essential oils and ingredients for many
years . We deeply our success of business is because of the Mother Nature.
So, we pay more attention to the environment and try our best to minimize
our impact on it . and make our strategy more sustainability . and the innovation

Your Reliable raw material Manufacturer & Supplier